26 February 2022 @ 12:00
Friends Only BITCH!
How I'm Feeling: amusedamused
Holy crap Polaris was awesome! I bought a whole bunch of crap that I probably don't need but love anyway, I met a ton of other fans, and I also met GARETH FUCKING DAVID-LLOYD!
My god he was lovely. I mean, just a genuinely great guy. He was incredibly funny and warm and just over-all fantastic.

Aaaand, umm, that's all I can think of right now, but I'll update later if anything comes to me

EDIT : Pics!!!

I took an obscene amount of pictures.  I'll post some of my favourites here, but there's an album on photobucket if you want to see all of them. (Click to enlarge)

How I'm Feeling: crazycrazy

Oh, there are so many more things to talk about, but there is an insane amount of snow around my house that needs to be shoveled (If I throw Zoe, my shizu-poodle, out into the snow it covers her head, she has to go under the porch), and I haven't eaten anything today.
What I'm Listening To: We're No Here - Mogwai (Aka the kick-ass Cyberwoman song)
Dear people that still insist on writing e-mails to me at my e-mail address,
Please stop. I don't know how many times I must repeat this, but I don't check my hotmail very often. At most, I check it bi-monthly. That means that the 200+ e-mails that I have in there will remain unread for quite a while. Sure someone may say 'Why Annie, what if it's important?!', to them I say, it can't be that fucking important if the person sending me the e-mail is too lazy to change the to
I sent out an e-mail long ago when I first signed up with gmail requesting that people ceased to send e-mails to me at hotmail, and only use my gmail. It was a very simple request, taking five minutes at most of people's time, to change my information in their address books, yet many people simply refused to do so. But do you know what? That's fine with me.
You send me an e-mail at the wrong address, I just won't read it. I mean, it can't possibly be important if you can't be bothered to send it to me now can it? And why should I bother reading anything from you if you're a dumbass?



Annie Stanley

P.S This will remain a public entry, because I want those dumbasses to read it.